Missing Persons

There are many reasons as to why a person disappears. Also referred to as “skip tracing,” we specialize in helping you those find people who are difficult to locate. We use a number of successful investigative techniques to locate those who have seemingly vanished.

Mental illness, bad debts, legal matters such a jumping bail or owing past due child support, and running away are just a handful of the reasons why thousands of people disappear annually. Other circumstances that make skip tracing necessary include divorce litigation, property repossessions, locating insurance beneficiaries, tracking down witnesses for a legal case, and parental child abduction cases. You might even be searching for a long lost relative or dreaming about what happened to that old high school flame.

When it comes to locating people for civil or criminal matters, most people assume that law-enforcement agencies typically hold that responsibility; however, most agencies are simply too overwhelmed with caseloads to keep up with the demand. If you need to locate a debtor or a criminal immediately, it is wise to take the reins and hire a professional private investigator. That is where C. Jackson Investigations, Inc. comes in.

When you begin to research the private investigation industry for skip tracing services, you will likely come across many companies promising great service, but we actually deliver. You might also encounter online sites claiming to have all the information you need right at your fingertips. What these sites will fail to tell you is that their information is often unverified, outdated, or just downright wrong. This kind of outcome obviously leads to even more frustration when time and money is of the essence.

We understand the value of our clients’ time, and eliminate the roadblocks you might encounter on your own. Our goal is to provide our clients with superior skip trace services, and we take pride in our accurate, timely, and detailed investigations. We cater to private individuals, attorneys, corporations, and more. We are never satisfied until our clients are. Whatever your reason might be for needing skip tracing, we will work tirelessly and can usually find your missing person when other private investigators have failed.